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Our Team

Jordan Kreiner 
President and Founder

Jordan Kreiner is the President and Founder of Kreiner Financial Wealth Management, Inc., and Kreiner Financial Group Inc., located in Spring Grove, PA. He is the author of the “Estate Inventory Booklet” used by financial advisors, CPA’s and attorneys throughout the United States. He is a local lecturer / speaker conducting seminars in the areas of retirement planning, income planning and estate preservation for Pennsylvania residents for 30+ years.

Jordan provides his clients with financial plans and reports that are useful, straight forward and easy to follow. He utilizes the latest estate preservation; income planning, investment techniques, investments/savings vehicles, and insurance to design and implement personalized plans that are designed to help reduce financial risk, lower taxes, avoid probate and protect assets from expensive nursing home costs. He offers personalized social security maximization reports which are helpful in choosing when to sign up for your social security benefit, which is usually an important part of a retirees’ income, and what Jordan refers to as, “Another piece of someone’s retirement puzzle”.

“My responsibility to retirees is to help them preserve what they have worked hard all their lives to accumulate. Together we work to protect their assets from market fluctuations.” Jordan is dedicated to educating his clients. He wants his folks to fully understand so they can make good decisions and sound choices.

He has been married to his wife Nancy for 16 years. They are active and involved grandparents to their five grandchildren who range in age from four to 18 years old. He and Nancy attend church at Grace Fellowship in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania.

Jordan is an avid pool shooter, enjoys carpentry and helping people whenever he can.

Nancy Kreiner

Nancy Kreiner is a seasoned health insurance broker and is a certified long-term care specialist. In her practice, she has focused her attention solely on long-term care planning, critical illness, and Medicare supplements.  Nancy is the creator of the “Long-Term Care Action Plan©”.

She conducts public service seminars on the topic of long-term planning for medical needs which includes helping people understand the very real difference between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare supplements. Medicare Advantage Plans put people at a “disadvantage” as most people are not given the vital information that, by putting themselves in to an Advantage Plan, they will be giving up future insurability, limit their physician and treatment choices and will increase their out of pocket expenses greatly. When Medicare Advantage Plans came out on the market, Nancy made a firm and solid commitment that she would never distribute them and to this day has never put a client into a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Nancy helps to protect the estates and assets of her clients, by helping them to realistically and seriously examine the need to prepare for an extended health care crisis. She works with them to create an Action Plan that is reliable and affordable; tailored just for them and their specific goals and needs.

Her motivation to truly serve her clients regarding their needs and concerns over long-term care issues is a direct result of her personal experience with her own family. When her mother was diagnosed at 28 years old with Multiple Sclerosis, as the only girl in the family, Nancy was called upon to care for her mother and did so for many years until her mother’s death. Fully understanding how this long-term illness put a financial and emotional strain on the family, she made the decision to help others by working in the long-term care industry.

“With the continued rising cost of care in long-term care situations, many people are facing the problem of having to spend all their assets for care; assets that took them a lifetime to save.”

Nancy is a firm believer that there are appropriate alternatives and affordable solutions that will enable folks to maintain their independence, protect their assets and keep control of their lives – in the form of purchasing power. One size and one approach does not fit all. The most important thing is to talk about it; exchange and express ideas and concerns, and together a Long-Term Care Action Plan© can be put in place; a plan that can be confidently implemented when a long-term care need arises.

Nancy is also a strong advocate of critical illness coverage. Critical illness insurance is “living insurance.” Critical illness coverage was created by the brother of Dr. Christian Barnard, who performed the first heart transplant in Cape Town, South Africa. Dr. Marius Barnard, who is also a renowned cardiologist, found that his cardiac patients were surviving their heart problems but were financially ruined by the loss of income while they were off from work during treatment and recovery. To protect patients’ financial stability, he created Critical Illness Insurance Protection. It pays you large sums of cash upon diagnosis of 12 different conditions, tax free, to be used as you wish to sustain your standard of living.

Nancy grew up in Hunt Valley, Maryland. After graduating from Dulaney Senior High, she then entered The Florida State Fire Academy. Upon graduation, she went on to become the first paid career female firefighter/advanced life support medic in Central Florida. After leaving the fire service, she moved to Pennsylvania where she owned and operated a franchise of a national paramedical company. She serviced over 150 insurance agents in four Pennsylvania counties, employing seven part-time nurses and a secretary.

Nancy currently resides in Spring Grove, PA with her husband, Jordan, and is the proud grandmother of five grandchildren ranging in ages from 4-18 years old.

Nancy’s commitment to continuing education and her personal experience ensures that both personal and corporate clients receive up-to-date accurate information needed to make good sound decisions when considering protection from the high cost of an extended health care need.