kreiner financial wealth mangement, inc

Our Uniqueness


Folks that come to our office for the first time will immediately recognize that our office is very different from most. We are not a suit and tie, marble and granite financial practice. Jordan built our Log home/office with his own hands. Our office and practice was designed to be different and to operate differently; intentionally.

When you arrive, the first thing you will notice when you pull off our beautiful mountain lane is that we have constructed a separate wing onto our Log Home designated for our office.  We have separate parking, comfortable waiting room, conference room, two personal offices and a restroom.  It is, without a doubt, a gorgeous drive to our office regardless of the season!

To find warm homemade cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies and a cup of hot chocolate or coffee waiting for you upon your arrival is not uncommon. During the spring and summer months our clients find our huge vegetable garden next to our office a pleasant thing to explore before they go in for their appointment.  Most often, our clients leave with a bag of fresh produce from the garden. Some even leave with some fresh eggs from our two Orpington Chickens; Audrey and Charlotte. Often times your appointment may be long over and yet you will find yourself refreshing your coffee still engaged in a great conversation on some topic unrelated to money.


Our clients enjoy our yearly Harvest Party where they come and enjoy country line dancing, good food, games, hayrides, and good music.

We treat our clients like they are our family. Many become friends. Because of Jordan’s love of building and his expertise in wood working, often our clients call on him for his advice when they are in need of replacement windows or need work done on their homes. He gladly goes and sits with them as the salesmen from the companies make their “pitch” so they aren’t taken advantage of; often negotiating a better price for them. It’s even pretty common for him to actually help do the work himself!

He fights for new clients when he learns they have been taken advantage of and paid thousands of dollars for a trust; something that shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars.

Jordan believes that good money management first begins with being a good steward with your money. As a result of being a good steward you will likely be able to build a solid and secure future. Sometimes when a client is pondering a major purchase they often want to talk to their investment advisor; unfortunately, with other financial folks that can mean waiting until normal business hours to be able to reach someone.


However, that does not happen in our practice. Jordan is accessible to his client’s when they need to speak with him, even if it’s after hours or on the weekend! All his clients have his personal cell phone number. He answers their calls and addresses their concerns regardless of the time. We operate our practice this way because our practice is different; intentionally.

We are a down home financial practice and yet by the same token we truly are top notch in skill and ability.

Set up an appointment and come and see us!

We look forward to meeting you!

~ Nancy Kreiner